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At the Pediatrician
KTJF will use 100% of donations to provide
families battling pediatric cancer with  supportive
local care and advancement to a cure. 




Imagine a place where kids can discover, learn, play, and just be kids - in a hospital. Through a partnership between Kids Join the Fight and Children's Hospital New Orleans, that dream is becoming a reality.


Walker's Imaginarium at Children's Hospital New Orleans will be a therapeutic space for children, families, and even members of the community to gather, and create moments of joy. The 12,000 square foot center will be one of the largest and most comprehensive hospital-based child enrichment spaces in the country.

We will also provide meals to families in the hospitals across our region, and we are always on the lookout for additional ways we can ease the burden for children and their families affected by childhood cancer. Please reach out if you have ideas!

Brain Scans


In March of 2022, this year, KJTF proudly awarded $250,000 to 8 researchers from institutions across the country to help further advancements in targeted therapies for pediatric brain and central nervous system cancers. The final recipients were chosen following review by our distinguished medical advisory board and a panel of 60 additional leading childhood cancer experts.


Kids Join the Fight also partnered with
another foundation, the Rally Foundation that matched the grants for a total of $550,000 awarded. The researchers chosen through this process strive every day to provide
more successful and less toxic treatments for childhood cancer despite pediatric cancer’s insufficient 4% share of federal cancer research funding.  We are confident these dollars will create positive change towards pediatric cancer treatments that cure and provide better quality of life to children fighting this disease.

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